My racing room

Hello, My name is Joshua, I am 22 y.o student from Colorado, U.S.

I made this website as my personal blog where I will write reviews about racing games, because I am big fan of cars. I believe that you will enjoy my blog,  as there days a lot of kids and even adult people spending more ant more time on they consoles, mobiles phones or PC by playing different games, so you might like games that I am going to present on my page.

Till now I have a huge collection of games on all my devices starting from phone, console and PC, I even have few steering wheels for gaming, so you can Image how my room is looking 🙂 But I will present only games that is on the TOP, coz there is no point writing about games like Need for Speed: Most Wanted.. Anyway I would very appreciate if you would leave in comments your best racing game of all times that you remember.

See you on my blog soon with many racing game reviews and I hope you will like my articles!