The Crew 2 Review

Announced by Ubisoft, and not by a leak, shortly before the 3th episode, The Crew 2 surprised his world. It must be said that the first episode has no critical success, and even if a community existed and the two extensions that had preceded its suite had made it more attractive, it was difficult to imagine me as a publisher to retry the blow. And yet. In Los Angeles, during the E3 2017, I was able to discover the beast which, as the trailer implies, took a very different direction from his big brother. And between us, it’s a very good thing.

When it was released in 2014, The Crew did not really impress. The racing game of Ivory Tower had qualities, starting with his huge map of the United States, but also many defects. An imperfect title therefore, which was bogged down in a scenario that was taken too seriously and a system of progression MMORPG way that made the whole thing heavy. However, that was before. And yes, as the extensions, The Crew displayed a new face: more fun, lighter, the title intelligently used the huge playground designed by the developers. For this sequel, it is precisely in this direction that the studio has dug, to our delight.

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The Crew had a strength with which no other racing game could compete at the time, not even Forza Horizon 2: the size of his map. Absolutely gigantic and full, this reproduction of the United States was a true invitation to travel, and at the same time the ultimate playground for anthology pursuit races. Ivory Tower quickly understood, I want to prove the extensions Wild Run and Calling All Units. No surprise, therefore, the game takes up this map and is based on the same ideas: you are a pilot who wants to prove himself brilliantly in various forms of competition and driving. If we still know very little about the scenario of the game, we could understand that it would be quite far from the glitches of the first episode, with its rogue cops and its motorized mafia.

The game however, gets rid of the customization system of the first episode. Understand that the customization Dirt, Street, Perf and company disappear in favor of something much clearer and more readable. Some cars are clearly pruned for street racing, others for off-road driving, others for circuit performance, and so on. Yes, performance on circuit, you read well. If we were not able to try them, the trailer of the game put them forward and on the map that we could see, events like this was indeed on the program. Which disciplines, which circuits, which cars, all this remains to be discovered, but The Crew 2 takes the part to embrace the most styles of conduct possible, all this is, therefore, finally logical enough.

From the beginning, the game will allow you to acquire a first car, and depending on its category, you will then have access to a certain type of event. Opting for a 2012 Nissan GT-R by The Crew 2 has logically turned us to street racing. With a largely modified Mazda RX-7, we could have tried drifting competitions, while a surviving Mustang would have allowed us to participate in drag races. However, the game is clever enough not to lock the player into a single category. Advancing in your discipline by you will also unlock new events for the remaining categories, allowing the undecided to come and go from one type of challenge to another, and play as they like, without constraint. And in fact, it’s all The Crew 2 that’s thought this way.


“Eh, what, planes and boats in The Crew 2?”, That’s probably your reaction when you saw the first trailer of the Ubisoft racing game. Well yes, it’s true: the title has broadened its horizons and welcomes new disciplines. And finally, we would tend to find this logical. For some time, Ubisoft has somewhat revised its way of thinking video game is and intends to propose to the players of the worlds in which they would be at the center of everything. Free as much as possible, players would tell their own stories, featuring their reviews on YouTube and other fashionable social networks, sharing their every single performance. I saw him in Steep, who proposed to change on the fly of discipline, from skiing to snowboarding through paragliding, he returns in The Crew 2: the magic stick that allows to quickly switch from a car to boat or the plane. This is all the stronger as it is done without loading time. This allows funny interludes, like the possibility of jumping over a bridge in a car, and changing in the air to get into his boat and continue his race on the river below. Or, conversely, crossing Manhattan by plane, zigzagging between the buildings, finally falling into the car, and starting at the feet of the Empire State Building.

In The Crew 2: everything seems more fluid, more natural. When joining an event, it is possible to invite his crew members without additional loading time; the handy phone of the first game disappears in favor of a real menu clear and well-organized, in which one can choose his car more easily; and once the tests are over, we can leave as if nothing had happened … Again, without loading time. This almost seamless gaming experience offers a frankly appreciable feeling of freedom, and allows you to take full advantage of the immense map of the United States, always rich in detail.


Ivory Tower had created a gigantic sandbox that needed to be fully exploited. The Crew 2 honor him. With its boats and planes, the title multiplies the possible tracks, and sources of amusement. Especially since the developers have worked well on the driving of these new vehicles. You probably know, but when it came out the driving sensations of the first episode of The Crew were not extraordinary, far from it. The game has improved greatly over time, until The Crew has become a convincing racing game. The Crew 2 continues in this direction, with car races full of twists, filled with secret passages. As for the boats and planes, the studio had to work from scratch and it is clear that it went very well. On the water, the title takes into account the size and weight of the boat, but also the swell, which could sometimes make you lose valuable seconds. On smaller single-seat racing boats, the ability to cut through small pieces of soil and slide on the grass is appreciated before returning to the water. The plane is more technical. It is necessary to intelligently manage the inclination and not to crash into a building, which will not fail to arrive during your first tests. We could only try one type of aircraft, a type of aerobatic aircraft, nervous and very manageable, but I imagine that the game will propose others.

My impressions⇓


The Crew 2 IconThe first episode did not really convince me, despite some seductive arguments. Ivory Tower has clearly learned from its mistakes: The Crew 2 is based on a simpler approach, but above all an immediate pleasure, relying heavily on its huge map and sensations of piloting as varied as satisfactory. Without revolutionizing anything, the new baby of Ivory Tower should ,however, make a name in the middle of arcade racing games because what they do they do it very well. We cannot wait to see if The Crew 2 will hold the shock, on the distance, but this first contact with the E3 rather excited us.