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Need for Speed No Limits: EA second try

need for speed no limits

Born in 1994 on 3DO (and yes it goes back), the franchise Need for Speed is now one of the most prolific series of mobile racing games in the gaming sphere. Having colonized many devices over the years, what more normal than to regain the license on our good old mobiles. After relesing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, this is an original mobile racing game that will be released this time on the blinds under the name of Need for Speed: No Limits pure tradition. Nevertheless, and I will not tell you today, a good Free to play is a rare thing in this world. So what about this NFS No Limits? Verdict in the following paragraphs.

At the risk of astonishing you, the screenplay of this NFS No Limits does not break three legs to a duck. As a newcomer, you will have to win the respect of all the drivers of the Underground by making speak the displacements of all calibres by chaining street racing on the street races. A simple scenario, not to say simplistic, and completely worn out that ultimately serves only as a pretext to push us to tirelessly pace the virtual bitumen created by Electronic Arts.


First of all, this Need for Speed: No Limits is a Free-to-play pure juice, with all the disadvantages. As a result, with its limited energy system, its races that one can only repeat a number of times and its premium currency that limits a bit the margin of progress, the side NFS No Limits touted in the name of the game takes a severe blow in the wing. Nevertheless, and it should be emphasized, this is a F2P rather well-done and that goes in the right direction. If one can at times feel frustrated by the limitations imposed by this format, the game remains generous enough not to make it unpleasant, and especially impossible to play. After a few hours of play without paying, the curve of progress remains extremely satisfactory and the impression of stagnation almost absent, sure you can use cheats like Need for Speed No Limits hack to generate gold and gain as much energy as you need. A good point for EA therefore (and it’s very strange to say that when you know the practices of the firm a bit).

Now that we have removed this aspect of the game, let’s talk a little about the heart of the game. In a rather classic way, it proposes several “modes”. The first, named Underground, is the heart of the Need for Speed. This is basically the story mode that will allow you to gain experience and pieces of equipment for your racing car. The second is simply called Car Series. Under this name hides different races that can only be played with a certain type of vehicle. Very interesting, these races allow you to win a lot of XP points, and rarer equipment. Finally, it will be possible to find Special Events, time-limited events and tournaments, which are equivalents to the classic PvP. Whether in Tournaments or Underground, the principle remains the same. After selecting your vehicle (there will sometimes be marks or car types imposed), you will have to go from point A to point B and above all finish at the top place. Various objectives can be added to the race to spice it up (to use and abuse the boost, to escape the cops, etc.), but again, nothing very original. Nevertheless the simplicity and efficiency of the controls makes the whole very pleasant to play. And it is with pleasure that we chain the races until exhaustion of the reserve of energy.


The other highlight of the game, beyond its gameplay eminently sympathetic, lies in the customization of vehicles. Indeed, as in many Free-to-play games, it will be possible to collect vehicles and make them evolve via a system of equipment. Of course, a system of scarcity is present and the rarest vehicles will be real monsters of power able to meet all the challenges. As I said earlier, this progression, although dependent on the Free-to-play aspect, remains fairly consistent even without paying. An important point to emphasize so many titles seem to outrageously favor those who come out of the portfolio. Finally, be aware that it will be possible to customize the appearance of each vehicle via a whole host of cosmetic options (colors, ailerons, air intake) via points collected during the game. Perfect for fans of cars customization.

Need for Speed No Limits Gold

Before concluding, a word about the realization of the game. Graphically, the game proves absolutely beautiful. The modeling of vehicles, which can be admired from every angle in a dedicated showroom, is exemplary. And it is with great pleasure that we can admire them in action when launching a race. The decorations, and the atmospheres, also benefit from a particular care. Despite their small number, they all have a certain charm reinforced by magnificent lighting effects. Special mention to the rainy sequences that are extremely good. For the rest, Need for Speed ​​No Limit is very well optimized, and apart from a small weakness in the display distance (some buildings tend to popper in the background), it turns extremely well on an iPhone 6 and without heating it (a feat compared to the competition). In my two cents opinion, this NFS mobile is a real treat for the eyes, let’s say it!

need for speed no limits gameplay

Does it worth to play?

Despite its DNA from Free to play, Need for Speed: No Limits is a racing game that does not lack attractiveness. Visually first of all, this mobile iteration is simply beautiful. Sumptuous decorations, incredibly successful light effects and weather, impeccable modeling of the cars. Everything is assembled to flatter the retina of the player. Filled with luxury, the game is perfectly optimized and hardly heats the phone on which it spins while having a more than honest battery consumption. On the gameplay side, this NFS is just as satisfying. With its simple controls, fairly varied objectives and its evolution system of cars, it will be able to captivate players for long hours. Nevertheless, and unlike its name, Need for Speed ​​is encumbered by limitations that come a little spoil the party. Beginning with this good old energy system that limits the number of races that can be played during a game session. These limitations spoil a little the pleasure that one also feels to play under the company of “Electronic Arts”. Nevertheless, as long as you are not too resistant to the economic model of the game, Need for Speed: No Limits remains a solid, fun and very pleasant racing game to play.

Asphalt Xtreme: Free to Play Aggressive Racing Game

Asphalt Xtreme

Born in 2004 on N-Gage and Nintendo DS, the Asphalt series has since gained the mobile market to settle comfortably. Racing game created by Gameloft and strongly “inspired” by classic licenses such as Need for Speed or Burnout. These arcade-oriented titles deliver at each iteration’s of the correct performances in spite of a model Free to play an aggressive strand, typical of the publisher. For this new episode, Gameloft decided to leave the asphalt of the circuits to take us on the dusty tracks of the whole world. A welcome change of scene that will allow you to discover a whole bunch of more exotic destinations, as well as a host of new vehicles to navigate them. A change on the form that does not come to shake the formula created a few years ago.

Like many games of cars before this one, Asphalt Xtreme will not enchant you by its scenario that is to say non-existent. Asphalt: Xtreme is a succession of races to be won one after the other. And in the end, it’s better this way because a games of this type happens lightly of a narrative overlay that often does not bring much to the case. Asphalt Xtreme, it is, therefore, of the race, and only of the race … And good old Free to play!


In a fairly classic way, Gameloft proposes here to go to the adventure to the four corners of the world in order to compete several series of races to the increasing difficulty. And by difficulty, understand above all that you will have to improve and advance your vehicles in order to gain speed in maneuverability and stand up to your opponents. At the heart of the game, this aspect is the most blatant avatar of free-to-play games. Each race you’ll won will allow you to receive building materials used to improve one aspect of you vehicle. This will also make it possible to accumulate the necessary funds for the unblocking of additional vehicles, and other small expenses gradually limiting the progress of the player. And if Asphalt Xtreme does not display at first glance a stamina gauge that decreases with each activity carried out, it will be noted very quickly the degradation of the oil of each vehicle, which it will be necessary to replace under penalty of being unable to participate in the least race.

A good Free-to-play game is never complete without the presence of a virtual currency, this Asphalt Xtreme is no exception to the rule, and you can quickly acquire these precious resources in order to more quickly unlock the additional vehicles or their improvements. Finally, there is the obvious presence of connection bonuses and other rewards that will have to be recovered at regular intervals and you are facing the Free-to-play in all its splendor. A short note on this subject before moving on: if it is possible to play without worrying about the restrictions imposed by the model, it will take time as Gameloft multiplies the barriers to force the player to disburse their dollars. A rather aggressive model that we regret a bit, but that is not unusual in the publisher.

Asphalt Xtreme

However, what about the playful part properly speaking? Well to be simple, it is far from unpleasant! The racetracks, which take us out of the usual circuits to propel us to the heart of exotic destinations scattered around the globe are very satisfactory to go. The reason? Numerous crossing paths that can be borrowed to grab a few seconds on its opponents and optimize its journey and a range of different landscapes to be discovered at different levels of difficulty. History of not spoiling, the environments that one will be able to discover are magnificent to watch thanks to an artistic direction halfway between cartoon and realism. Moreover, the variety of decors will prevent the lassitude of settling as soon as you chain the races (within the limit of this damaged oil gauge).

Asphalt Xtreme IconThings get a bit messy when we talk about gameplay. Indeed, the game offers us rather painful controls using the gyroscope and the accelerometer, and one will have to tilt his device to make the slightest turn. A system that has long since shown its limitations in terms of accuracy, and that we can fortunately disable in the options to choose a much more effective tactile system. For the rest, we find ourselves faced with a rather classic control scheme, which has proved its worth: two keys to turn right or left (long pressures allowing to trigger a skid), a button for the brakes and a last to trigger the nitro and the trick is played. A simple system, but with some subtleties (at the level of the turbo) that will have to be mastered in order to triumph over adversity, even if the latter will not represent a major danger most of the time. The sensations of piloting, very arches, are finally perfectly mastered, pleasant and comfortable, including on game’s sessions that pull a little in length.