Although there are cheats, hacks and applications to get lives or unlimited coins, at we do not want to use this type of gaming, or rely on the use of this type of software in our mobile phones or phones running Android or iOS. So, instead, we’ll leave for you a series of Homescapes tips and tricks that we hope will also help you.

Moreover, if you do not know, this game is from the same developer Playrix and very similar to Gardenscapes. Except this time the action is set in the mansion instead of the garden. In any case, if you know tips and tricks of Gardenscapes, the mechanics and the content, are very similar.

Introduction to Homescapes

Before we start with the tricks, we must to know what we have to do in each level. Our goal is to get a number of objects (cups, lamps, buttons, links, books, etc.),

To achieve this, we must play a mini game where we will move the tokens or objects to form horizontal or vertical lines. Every time you make rows of at least three same objects, they will disappear, and new objects fill the gaps.

Tricks Homescapes – Basic

There are a couple of basic tips that may help you:

  • Mini Game: If we do not move and look, we’ll see how some chips start moving. This is where you can make the biggest move of the puzzle. There may be more moves with an equal number of tokens, so there’s no need to wait for the best choice. However, you should make you decisions faster.
  • Underneath: When we do not have many options, when in doubt, move chips from the ground (e.g. rockets). These are usually the ones that unlock the puzzles.
  • Explosives: When you do not know what to do, try to concentrate on explosives. Here’s how to get each one:

Tricks Homescapes – Bombs

To be able to get bombs or explosions we have to break four objects at once. So let’s try to look for these movements, as they will help us a lot with the puzzles:

  • Rocket: Combination of four in a row, break the entire row (horizontal) or column (vertical) in which it remains after changing it or press twice.
  • Bomb: Combination of 5, break an area of two squares around.
  • Paper Plane: Combination of four in square, break the boxes of above, down, left and right and another random by the puzzle.
  • Rainbow Ball: Combine five in a row, convert several random puzzles into the tab for which you have changed it, and break them all.

The ideal is to chain explosions. For example, a bomb will activate all the rockets nearby that will destroy their rows or columns, and then we can break many more chips.

Homescapes Mini-Game Cheats

homescapes puzzle strategyAs you go up the level you will be complicating the game with “obstacles” in the middle of the puzzle.

Lawn: The first different objective you will have will be the lawn. You have to convert it to grass by combining chips that are inside the grass with chips that are outside.

Chains: Chained tokens cannot be moved. We can only break the chains with bombs or explosives or making rows with tokens that do not have chains.

Homescapes  – Coins Cheats

The coins will serve as much to go acquiring or improving decorations and furniture of the mansion as to buy extra lives or movements.

We do not recommend spending extra moves unless you’re very stuck on one level.Homescapes coins We can buy five lives so it’s worth an extra move. And on the other hand, lives regenerate themselves, every half hour we will have one. So neither is it necessary to spend coins in lives or extra moves.

Although the reality is that you will end up buying lives or movements. For this you should know that we win a number of coins to overcome one level. However, this amount can be increased by more than 50% if we have too many movements. So the best way to win coins is to overcome every move.

Although it can only be done once, by linking our account to facebook, we will get 1,000 coins, which is equal to five lives and something more. Otherwise you can use Homescapes hack to get some free coins if you want to, I only know Homescapes hack for German people .  So if at first you want a little help, now you know how to get it.

Homescapes – Lives Tricks

The lives of the game can be achieved in two ways:

  • Buying them with coins.Homescapes Lives
  • Ask them from our Facebook friends. So in addition to earning us 1,000 coins for linking the account and being able to buy five lives with them, we can ask our friends for lives whenever we want.

Homescapes Enhancers Strategy

As we move forward we will get enhancers or level aids. We have from the hammer that can break the box that we want, to bombs or explosives that will be distributed by the puzzle. Of course, after using them we are consumed, so our recommendation is to use them:

  • During the game: Some like the hammer, we can use it at any time, so those are advisable to use t if we believe that by doing so we will complete the level
  • At the beginning: In general the explosives that they place on the puzzle before beginning. So, we are only recommending use them in levels that we have already played and know that they cost us, not in the new ones.